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Imagine a beautiful summer day.
Imagine you have no lawn waiting to be mowed.
No gardening chores to complete.
No fence to paint, shingles to replace, or windows to caulk.

Imagine your boat or jet-ski moored only steps from your front door.

All these are REALITIES for the owners of the licenses for deep-water slips and sport ports in Waterscape’s private marina.

The close proximity of Waterscape’s marina to every condo means fun doesn’t have to wait for the weekends.   Residents can ski on the glass-like early morning lake and still get to work on time.  Or unwind after their workdays with sunset cruises while dinner bakes in the oven.



“Boat Dock Licenses” and “Flotation Dock Licenses” (personal watercraft docks) for Waterscape’s marina are attached to the deeds of 85% of the condominiums at Waterscape.  Licenses are available only to those who own Waterscape condos, and the requirement that all watercraft moored in the marina must be owned by a Waterscape resident enhances the exclusivity and privacy of the marina.

Each original purchaser of a Waterscape condo was given the opportunity to purchase a Boat Dock License.  The licenses for the 82 original slips and the 3 docks added in 2012 through 2014 have been sold.  Should there be additional slips in the future, the owners of condominium units not having a Boat Dock License would be eligible to make an offer to purchase one.

The Flotation Dock Licenses permit a “floatation dock” to be attached to the Waterscape docks system at a location specified by the HOA.  A recent Amendment to the Waterscape “Declaration” allows for the purchase of a maximum of two (2) Flotation Dock Licenses per condo unit, so long as designated locations remain available within the Waterscape docks system.

In order to preserve the Waterscape docks as a private marina, all watercraft moored in the Docks System must be owned by a Waterscape resident.  The watercraft may be owned and registered to multiple owners, but at least one of the registered owners must be a Waterscape resident.  From time to time, the registrations placed on file with HOA are checked against the ID numbers displayed on the hulls of watercraft moored in the docks.  This vigilance helps protect slips from being used by watercraft not authorized by the dock license owners.

Dock Rentals — Dock license owners who wish to rent their slips may do so — ONLY to other residents of Waterscape.  Rentals are arranged directly between dock license owners and other residents.  The Dock Committee does not coordinate rentals, and the HOA is not involved in the private rental negotiations between residents.  Watercraft moored in rental docks have to be registered in the name of a Waterscape resident.  It is the dock owner’s responsibility to inform the Managing Agent of rentals and provide a copy of the watercraft registration.

Coming in 2022 / Rental Storage Racks for Kayaks, Paddleboards and Canoes — Use the link below to download up-to-date information about the opportunity for Waterscape residents to rent a slot for storing non-motorized personal watercraft.  This will be an exciting expansion of Waterscape’s lakefront amenities.



An energetic Docks Committee helps maintain the marina.  Volunteer Dock Captains provide assistance.  Annual registrations identify watercraft authorized to moor in the marina.  Operating and Reserve Budgets, separate from those of the HOA, assure the on-going maintenance and renovations of Waterscape’s Docks System.

In 2019, the HOA completed the project of replacing the entire Waterscape docks system.  Funded by annual contributions to the Docks Reserve Replacements fund, this project features composite decking and improved, commercial-grade construction in the all-new slips, walkways and ramps.

Download the “Docks Docs” for a list of Dock Captains and for information important to enjoying your private Waterscape dock.  Please take special note of the information regarding “Dock Modifications/Attachments” and remember that all modifications, such as installing or replacing lifts, require advance approval.  You’ll find helpful details on this process when you download below the “Dock Modifications Summary / Installation-Approval Guidelines” and the “Dock Modification Approval Request Form.”


Dock Captains & Committee Members

100 Series Docks                            Jeff Hutter            502-797-9111

200 Series Docks                            Jay Truesdel        317-440-3025

300 Series Docks                            Jay Truesdel        317-440-3025

400 Series Docks                            Bob Polivick        317-840-1558

500 Series Docks                            Bob Polivick        317-840-1558

600 Series Flotation Docks            Greg Horn            317-502-5911

700 Series Flotation Docks            Jeff Hutter            502-797-9111

Dock Committee Co-Chairs           Jeff Hutter / Greg Horn




UPDATED 3/11/22 – Current Docks Information  (The Docks “Doc”) – 2022 Season Info

2022 Dock License Owner Contact Info Form (blank)

Troubleshooting Guide: Docks Electrical Outlets

NEW for 2022 (updated 3/8/22) – Rental Storage Racks for Kayaks, Paddleboards, Canoes

Dock Modifications Summary / Installation-Approval Guidelines

Dock Modification Approval Request Form

Dock Companies: Notice re Working on Waterscape Docks

Map of Docks Facilities

Boat Docks List / Condominium Addresses

Flotation Docks List / Condominium Addresses

Policy & Procedures: Ownership of Watercraft Moored in Waterscape Docks System

Policy & Procedures:  Suspension of Licensee Rights & Privileges / Docks

Personal Watercraft / Mooring Requirements & Storage Restrictions

Seventeenth Amendment (Docks)

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