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Waterscape Condominiums are situated along the shoreline of Morse Reservoir, just west of the Carrigan Road Bridge.  This is the exciting “Main Body” of Morse, and Noblesville’s Carrigan Road Bike/Pedestrian Path extends all along the Waterscape property.

Located just minutes from downtown Noblesville, Waterscape is near the intersection of Hague and Carrigan Roads.  Most of Waterscape’s 101 condominiums have addresses on Waterscape Way.  Accessible by a separate entrance from Carrigan Road, Building #13 has East 209th Street addresses.   Take Clarendon Road from Carrigan to Building #14, which has Newport Drive addresses.


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Waterscape Homeowners Association
c/o Ardsley Management
3002 East 56th Street
Indianapolis, IN, 46220
P: 317-253-1401 F: 317-259-0387