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The worry-free lifestyle unique to condominiums places certain restrictions and requirements on the residents.  Mostly, it’s just a matter of consideration and common courtesy that makes a condo community a congenial neighborhood.

The basic documents governing a condo are its “Declaration,” “By-Laws” and “Articles of Incorporation”.  Every owner automatically agrees to the terms of these official recorded documents when buying a condo in the community they govern.  Copies of all these Waterscape documents are available on this website for downloading.  Click on the “Documents” tab on the right to take you to the page where you can review and download the official Waterscape HOA documents.


Since the official documents quite often are filled with a lot of legal jargon, Waterscape has clarified many policies contained in them.  The following guidelines and policies address the most common topics. Waterscape Board Members and the Managing Agent are available to answer individual questions.

Please note that the major building renovations in progress in 2019 affect certain guidelines and specifications for modifications related to the buildings.  Guidelines that are in the process of being updated are listed below as “COMING SOON”.

For interim guidance on windows, doors, decks, enclosures, TV dishes, and other building-related rules and regulations, please contact the Managing Agent.  Remember that owners need to acquire advance Board approval for any modifications, replacements or additions anywhere outside the four walls of their condominium units.

QuickView:  Guidelines for Successful Living at Waterscape

Architecture / Building Guidelines, Rules & Regulations

Architecture-Building Modifications / Replacements Approval Request Form

Approved Paint, Stain & Flooring / Lower Level Decks

Dock Modifications Summary / Installation-Approval Guidelines

Dock Modification Approval Request Form

Docks:  Ownership of Watercraft Moored in Waterscape Docks System

Docks:  Suspension of Licensee Rights & Privileges

Grills and Other Open-Flame Activities

Grounds Policy – Guidelines, Responsibilities

Personal Gardening Approval Request Form (updated 8/17/21)

Nuisance Reports

Ownership and Voting Rights

Parking of Motor Vehicles, Trailers and Watercraft

Pet Policies and Rules

Trash Containers

Signage -Policy re Exterior Signs

Speed Limit

Waterfowl – No Feeding


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