The following questions are frequently asked.  Perhaps you will find an answer to your question here.


Whom do I contact for repairs?

If it is an exterior building repair, contact the Managing Agent.  Interior condo repairs are the responsibility of the homeowner.


Whom do I contact to get something cleaned up or repaired on the grounds?

Repairs and maintenance of the grounds, including the lawns, shrubs, trees, streets, boardwalks, beaches, etc. are the responsibility of the HOA.  Contact the Managing Agent.


Where do I mail the check for my monthly fees?

Checks should be made payable to Waterscape HOA and mailed to the Managing Agent.  Your condo address should be indicated on the check so it will be posted properly to your account.  Monthly fees can be automatically deducted from your checking account, if you choose.  Ask the Managing Agent for the ACH form to complete if you are interested in this service.


Where do I mail the check for my dock fees?

For information on checks and other options for paying fees, owners should contact the Managing Agent.  All checks are to be made payable to Waterscape Homeowners Association.  In addition to checks, there are other convenient options including automatic withdrawals authorized by Owners and an online site for making direct electronic payments.


When is trash picked up?

The City of Noblesville / Republic picks up trash on Fridays.  Recycling pick up is every other Friday.  (Service is on Saturdays when a major holiday occurs early in the week.)  Only trash placed inside containers provided by Republic will be picked up.  Individual bags or boxes will not be removed.  Trash containers may be placed outside after 4 PM the day prior to collection.  Containers must be stored away no later than 8 AM the day after collection.  See the complete policy regarding Trash on the “Guidelines/Policies” page.  Trash and Recycling services are provided and regulated by the City of Noblesville, not by Waterscape.  If you need to request a new container or ask questions, contact Republic Waste at 1-800-234-6881 or visit www.indywastecom.


How do I update my telephone number or mailing address?  What if my “Emergency Contact” changes?  Who do I contact to update it?

Download the “Contact Info Form” from the “Contact” page of this website.  Fill it in and return it as indicated to the Managing Agent.


My neighbor’s dog is allowed outside off the leash.  Who do I contact to complain about this?

You can remind your neighbor that this is a violation of Waterscape’s Rules & Regulations.  You’ll find Waterscape’s “Pet Policies and Rules” available for downloading on the “Guidelines/Policies” page.  If the problem continues, contact the Managing Agent or any member of the Board’s Executive Committee.  (Names and e-mail addresses are found on the “Contact” page of this website.)


Can I plant flowers or shrubs outside around my condo?

All exterior grounds are common property belonging equally to all owners.  Board approval must be granted in advance for any individual owner to plant or modify anything outside their own condo.  On the “Policies” page of this website, you’ll find helpful information by downloading the document “Grounds Responsibilities, Maintenance, Improvements and Replacements.”   You should also download the document “Personal Gardening Approval Request” to submit information to the Board for consideration.


How do I get a dead shrub removed?

The HOA is responsible for maintaining the grounds.  Contact the Managing Agent.


Can I build a deck (or replace one that is there already)?

Advance approval is required.  On the “Policies” page of this website, you’ll find the policy and guidelines for “Architecture / Building Guidelines Rules & Regulations”.  Download this document for details regarding decks.  You’ll also find the “Architecture-Building Modifications / Replacements Approval Request Form ” available downloading there, and that is what needs to be completed for deck requests to be considered.


Can I rent my condo?

Maybe.  Waterscape has percentage limits and the “Rental Limits” Amendment to the “Declaration” sets forth the rules and regulations for renting condos.  Refer to the “For Owners” page and download all the information in the section titled “Renting”.  Contact the Managing Agent to determine the current percentage of rentals or for any other additional information.


Can I rent my dock to a friend who does not live at Waterscape?

No.  The “Boat Dock Licenses” for Waterscape docks are issued only to the owners of Waterscape condos.  Only a resident of Waterscape may rent a dock at Waterscape.  All watercraft moored in the Waterscape docks must be registered in the name of a Waterscape resident.


Can the renter of my condo use my dock?

Yes, so long as the watercraft moored there is registered in a name that appears on the lease for your condo approved by the Board.


My condo does not have a dock.  Are there docks available for rent?

There usually are docks available for rent to other Waterscape residents. The HOA and Docks Committee does not coordinate rentals.  Those are private arrangements between the dock license owner and another Waterscape resident.  Check with your neighbors.  The Waterscape “grapevine” is very good at spreading the word.

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